Frequently Asked Questions

“Children spell LOVE as TIME” Dr. A. Witham
What are your fees?

First session 1.5 hours- $90
Following sessions 1 hour- $75
Sliding scale package 4 x 1 hour sessions- $60
Immersion sessions 3 hours- $200 (this is a counselling session, body mind practice, creative art exploration process)

Where do we start?

There are many therapists out there and it is important to find the one who matches comfortably with you. I offer a 15 mins free phone consultation for prospective clients should you want to know more about my therapy approach and discuss key factors that will support your needs. I encourage you to ‘feel into’ the conversation, ask questions and take notes. This is your first courageous step towards self-nurture and discovery.

I don’t live near Byron. Can I access your services online?

Yes. I offer Skype meetings. Please email or phone me, and we can discuss how this could work.

What should I expect in a counselling session?

My priority is to offer you uninterrupted time, space and presence. The nature of my work is non- judgemental, gentle, empathetic and respectful of your beliefs, values and circumstances. I am also curious about your life’s story and your uniqueness.
Validating your feelings is paramount. Sometimes I will challenge or encourage you to make the steps for change. Change is often daunting, but there are several strategies that can help with transformation. More importantly, I will support you to discover what changes need to be made towards your health and wellbeing.

How long will it take before I feel better?

The duration of therapy varies for each client and the pace, length and direction can change according to personal needs and circumstances.
For these reasons, therapy can be for short or long periods of time. Some clients wish to address a concern using a brief solution-focused approach. Others wish to explore a deeper understanding that may examine childhood experiences, personality development, attachment and relationship styles.

Will my private information be kept private?

As a registered counsellor working in Australia, it is my legal duty to adhere to a strict Code of Ethics. You will be provided with a Client Intake Form at your first appointment. All personal information, referrals and documentation (treatment plan) are securely maintained. The Code of Ethics, set by Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia can be found here. Code of Ethics.

Can I claim your fees against Medicare or my health insurance?

I am currently unable to offer a Medicare rebate and your ability to claim some of my fees back on health insurance will depend on your provider and your policy.
If finances are an issue, let me know and we can discuss this in the first free phone consultation.