Time, You & Healing

When we remember that in the short space of one hundred years, all the inhabitants of this world will have passed into another state of existence, we cannot but acknowledge that the occupations of time engage too much of our attention.

CHARLES LANMAN, Musings, 1840

Counselling is an opportunity to set aside valuable time just for you. In many ways time for yourself equals self love.

Time is the one element that we all accept as truly universal, whether it is the manmade construct of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or the universal laws of nature as seen in the tides, the seasons and the planetary cycles.

Time is a positive symbol for connection and a common understanding. In our modern world today all nations and people cooperate and function in unison with this element in one form or another. Time is a powerful entity, offers infinite possibilities, is a teacher, and confidante.

Allowing for that time, creating that space to be wholeheartedly present you can listen to your body, your heart-mind connections, your deep inner wisdom and messages to yourself.

Through the self-actualisation process we grow, we are always moving forward, always in motion and continue to expand in consciousness and live life with more ease and lightness and deeper meaning and purpose.

In the process of therapy, our conceptual understanding of time can melt away. This allows the mind to expand and receive a deeper understanding of a situation. Outside of therapy, in the everyday world, I invite and challenge you to maintain an awareness to be the mindful pilot of your own time.

The word ‘time’ can be thought provoking, confrontational and reflective. What does it bring up for you? How meaningful or meaningless is it to you?

In this life we exist and travel through a passages of time. As a reflective exercise how do you wish to look back over your life? If the wise, older you had a message what would it be?

Perhaps your soul is asking you for TIME to be in a genuine SPACE of intent and wholeheartedly in PRESENCE with consciousness.I can support you on your journey.

Time is a brisk wind, for each hour it brings something new… but who can understand and measure its sharp breath, its mystery and its design?