Creative Self and Breath

The breath is not only clearing the body of Co2 it is also deepening the felt sense experience. This can ignite wisdom, insight and medicine for the soul.

Creative Self can often dissipate in a person’s life during enough challenges and hardships. Negative thoughts, conditioning, self-limiting beliefs, and life style choices can zap this ‘pure energy’ from the body, until it becomes normal to feel average or sluggish. This effects our motivation and inspiration to ‘do, experience, embody’ life and connections. I encourage the Creative Self to be part of our therapy because he/she is the source of healing. Some of us may not realize we have this enormous life force within, it may have been shut down from early childhood or further back.

There are many terms for creative spirit- Prana, Chi, Dao, Life Force, Manna, God, etc… Another fundamental aspect of my practice is to link the breath to our work. The breath, as with mindfulness and meditation helps a client to relax, let go and receive.

In time engaging in creative processes and serving your Creative Self brings you back to health and wellbeing.