Benefits of Counselling

To be sincerely heard and understood can be a profound experience

Life can be very complex and confusing at times. Feelings such as despair, sadness, loss, anger, insecurity and emptiness can overwhelm one’s life and relationships.
The origin of these feelings could be from past experiences, conditioning and developed ways of thinking. A more recent experience may trigger a response that causes a loop back to depletion, negative patterns, defensiveness or unhelpful behaviours.
Counselling offers support to recognise road blocks to happiness, joy and wellness. It is an opportunity for renewed hope and expansion in ways that may seem impossible at the time of a downward spiral.
In collaboration, we can:

  • work on ways to cope with intense feelings such as abandonment, rejection, shame, guilt, failure
  • find the truth behind worries or fears in order to find the right tools to alleviate depleting/counterproductive energy
  • move through the natural process of grief or loss
  • learn how to accept the past and be the caretaker of your heart and soul
  • build on emotional resilience, regulation and positive relationships
  • re-script your future towards self-belief, new possibilities and direction
  • create sustenance for your physical, mental, emotional states

Therapy can help you gather tools for your life’s journey, which you can then take with you into the world as pillars of strength.