Charmain Cosgrove Time Counselling Art Therapy Services

Charmain Cosgrove

“Counselling is a prepared time with precious intent. It is my privilege to walk beside you on the path you create.”

I am a registered counsellor who works with clients experiencing stress, depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, loss and addiction.
My professional interest in mental health unfolded over nearly two decades, while working as a visual arts teacher in schools, correctional services, hospitals, art galleries, local councils, community services, colleges and NGOs. During this time I became increasingly aware of the profound power of ‘human creativity’ as one of the keys to living life well. I was constantly amazed by the rehabilitative strength and beauty of mindfulness and the creative art process.

From my experience art is an essential ingredient to humanity. It provides us with a universal language and is a great healing tool. I see it’s enormous value in the areas of health, science, psychology, philosophy, education, spirituality, nature, and ancient cultures. It helps us ‘make meaning’ of life, and it encompasses what it is to be fully human.

“I see a mental health crisis as a journey towards a breakthrough. This journey can be successful with nurturing holistic interventions.”

Parallel to this work is my personal lifelong curiosity and exploration into my own understanding of consciousness. Amongst my discoveries I have found that ‘creativity’ is a unifying force at the core of everything. That is is why I enjoy guiding people creatively back to their source of power.

This has led me to develop a fluid and intuitive approach to counselling. My methodology draws variously from Cognitive Behavioural, Solution Focused, Intuitive, Somatic, Transpersonal and Expressive Arts therapies. I firmly believe that as humans we need to connect and be present with unconditional positive regard in times of crisis, and that this is the essence of therapy.

In addition to working with Time Counselling, I provide therapy and art classes to some of the wonderful elders living in the Byron Aged Care Sector, and I am currently attaining my Master of Mental Health- Art Therapy at the University of Queensland.

My qualifications include an Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling from Ikon Institute, a Bachelor of Education/Visual Arts from the University of Newcastle, a Graduate Certificate Spiritual Emergence Coach from Integrative Mental Health For You and a Cert IV in Training and Assessment.

Professional Affiliations

Registered provisional member of Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia- 240000